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Adult Sunday School
Adult Sunday School at Sharp is an active and exciting ministry. The classes are as diverse and wonderful as the people who attend and who teach. If you are looking for a class or if you’re just curious, here’s a list (in alphabetical order) of what we offer:

The Circle of Friends Class uses various books and video studies to facilitate their study and discussion. The class is taught by Kirk and Susan Vardeman, and in the words of the class members, they are a mixed breed and they have a lot of fun. (207)

The Disciples Class is taught by John Kay and is open to all adults of any age. The format for each meeting usually involves a brief introductory lecture followed by open class discussion on the lesson for the day. Study materials include units of the Adult Bible Studies series, along with faith-based books which explore various aspects of Christian living, including personal/family responsibilities and ministries that address social issues and needs. (FH 4)

The Fellowship Class studies straight from the good book itself.  This class focuses on in depth study and discussion of Scripture. The class is taught by Don Woodruff. (FH 2)

The Koinonia Class strives to be a community of individuals in which Christ’s love is both our mold and motivation to live a life of unconditional love in an atmosphere of acceptance, assistance, respect and trust. The class has a special interest for social justice issues so that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities may feel welcome and experience the love of Christ. We are known for open and lively theological discussions and are currently studying "St. Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate" by Karen Armstrong. The class is taught by Dr. Paul Arnold. (104)

The Seekers Class uses various book studies as determined by the class members.  The teacher for the class is Don Gregg. (105)

Book and Bible studies:
We also have volunteers who teach book and bible studies that take place during the week.

Children’s Sunday school is also available with a bible related curriculum.

Nursery:  There is a nursery available from 9:15 to 12:15 which iis staffed by two nursery employees.